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Make CULS Work For You

Find the sales and educational resources you need to succeed! Credit Union Lending Systems provides marketing support and tactical information to all of our partners to ensure the best experience. With targeted, timely events and helpful messages, members and credit unions alike can feel confident about financing through CULS and participating dealerships.


Staff Training Sessions 

If your credit union recently opened a new branch or hired new employees, please contact CULS to arrange training sessions. We can train your staff to ensure a successful indirect lending program. Call (314) 487-5580 to schedule your training session.

Member Education Sessions

Give your members all the tools they need for an easy and enjoyable car-buying experience. Credit Union Lending Systems will host financial education seminars on topics ranging from deciding what members can afford to negotiating the best price at the dealership. Contact CULS to start organizing your member seminar today!


Still have questions about Credit Union Lending Systems and how we do what we do? Click here for a list of frequently asked questions.

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