Full-Service Indirect Lending Solutions

Our Story

Established in 2000, Credit Union Lending Systems (CULS) is a service offered exclusively to credit unions and their members. Our unique partnerships with hundreds of auto, boat, motorcycle, powersports and RV dealers allow buyers to secure convenient credit union financing right at the dealership.

CULS works for the credit unions who own us and the communities we serve. Through our exclusive alliances, credit unions are able to provide convenient lending services to a broader community at a lower cost than doing it themselves. In addition, our staff educates buyers about the purchase experience, so they can drive away happy. This local approach to lending applies across multiple states and regions, and it’s a unique system our competitors simply can’t match.

With many credit unions and a network of hundreds of dealers, our reach – and our success – is constantly expanding! In fact, CULS participants recently experienced loan activity levels that double industry averages. We work to eliminate the expense and effort involved in marketing loans, and we provide a steady stream of business to our partners. Our strong business relationships and even stronger sales figures are a testament to the integrity of the CULS program.

Mortgage Resources

Member Home Loan

Our turn-key mortgage program offers a cost-effective opportunity to serve your membership with a complete range of home loan products. Partners are uniquely positioned to capture mortgage loans and provide members with a trusted source for a quality home loan. Member Home Loan even supplies marketing support and updated technology to reflect credit union branding.

Our Board of Directors

  • The majority of auto financing is closed at the dealership, and CULS puts our partner credit unions in a better position to capture those loans.
  • Partner credit unions enjoy all the benefits of an in-house indirect lending program without the added cost.
  • We’re open when credit union members are shopping.
  • CULS partners enjoy better loan retention, quality loan growth and an expanding – and active – membership.
  • Credit unions have complete control and customization of their own rates and tiers.
  • Credit unions have the opportunity to responsibly build their auto loan portfolio at a more efficient cost.
  • Credit unions oversee our policies and operations to ensure program efficiency.
  • We utilize the latest technology such as DealerTrack, RouteOne and e-contracting to put credit unions on a level playing field with dealers.
  • Sale events increase program awareness, encourage cooperation and boost membership.
  • Dealers receive monthly incentives to encourage network lending and maximize loan volume.
  • Approved contracts are directly processed and funded to simplify the loan process and eliminate closing delays.
  • All participants receive extensive marketing support and educational resources.

Q. How does the financing process work through CULS?
A. It’s simple! Buyers find the vehicle they want with one of our partner dealerships. When it’s time to arrange financing, they tell the dealership that they’d like to use their credit union for the loan. Credit union financing is handled on the spot, without delays or hassles.

Q. What if the buyer is not a credit union member?
A. Even buyers who don’t currently belong to a credit union can request credit union financing. As long as they buyer qualifies for membership with one of our partner credit unions, a credit union loan may be approved at a participating dealership.

Q. Once the purchase is complete, where do people make their loan payments?
A. The credit union that approved the loan will handle all loan servicing, including payments and any additional account access or member service.

Q. What are your program requirements?
A. None! We’re full service, and agreements are between CULS and participating dealerships. Credit unions are protected.

Q. Will our staff have to interact with participating dealerships?
A. No, CULS handles EVERYTHING. There is no direct contact with the dealers.

Q. What are your underwriting guidelines?
A. You have complete control over your indirect lending, so you can customize rates, terms, etc.

Q. What’s your pricing structure?
A. Because of economies of scale, CULS can provide a full-service indirect lending program for less than what credit unions can do on their own. We don’t charge any startup or monthly fees – just pay per funded deal.

Q. Will you train our staff?
A. Yes! We can train your staff to ensure a successful, stable and profitable indirect lending program. We offer training on underwriting, market analysis and car-buying. Call (314) 229-2653 to schedule your training session.

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