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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the financing process work through Credit Union Lending Systems?
A: It’s simple! Buyers find the vehicle they want and negotiate the price with one of our partner dealerships. When it’s time to arrange payment, they tell the dealership that they’d like to use their credit union for the loan. Credit union financing is handled on the spot, without delays or hassles.

Q: Do I have to pay sticker price for my vehicle?
A: No. In fact, we encourage buyers to negotiate and make their very best deal for the vehicle they want. Once the final price is determined, the buyer may request credit union financing.

Q: What if the buyer is not a credit union member?
A: Even buyers who don’t currently belong to a credit union can request credit union financing. As long as the buyer qualifies for membership with one of our partner credit unions, a credit union loan may be approved at a participating dealership.

Q: Once the purchase is complete, where do people make their loan payments?
A: The credit union that approved the loan will handle all loan servicing, including payments and any additional account access or member service.

Q: Can I get credit union financing at any area dealership?
A: No. Only those dealerships that have been hand-selected for integrity and service participate in the Credit Union Lending Systems network. See our list of approved dealerships to find your next vehicle and secure affordable credit union financing.

Q: Does my credit union participate in Credit Union Lending Systems?
A: Check our list of participating credit unions to see whether your financial institution participates. Don’t see your credit union listed? Tell your credit union’s board of directors that you want one-stop financing options through CULS.

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