What We Dolady in car

Credit Union Lending Systems has been helping credit unions compete with auto manufacturer captive finance companies for more than 10 years. We work to eliminate the expense and effort involved in marketing loans, and we provide a steady stream of business to our partners.

With nearly 30 participating credit unions and a network of hundreds of dealers, our reach – and our success – is constantly expanding! In fact, CULS participants recently experienced loan activity levels that double industry averages. Our strong business relationships and even stronger sales figures are a testament to the integrity of the CULS program.

Indirect Lending Systems

Nearly 90 percent of auto financing is closed at the dealership, and Credit Union Lending System puts our partner credit unions in a better position to capture those loans. With nearly $120 million in annual loan volume, CULS partners enjoy better loan retention, improved loan growth and an expanding – and active – membership.

Mortgage Solutions


Our turn-key mortgage program offers a cost-effective opportunity to serve your membership with a complete range of home loan products. Partners are uniquely positioned to capture mortgage loans and provide members with a trusted source for a quality home loan. Member Home Loan even supplies marketing support and updated technology to reflect credit union branding.

Privacy Policy

Credit Union Lending Systems is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its members. When visiting our web site to obtain general information, you do not need to reveal personal information to us about yourself.

If the contact information you send includes personal information, the information will only be used for the purpose of satisfying your request(s) to us. Once again, the information will never be given, sold or disclosed to third parties.

If you link to another site from any of our pages, we cannot be held accountable or responsible for any information that may be gathered at that linked site. However, we do make every effort to ensure all linked sites follow similar privacy policies.

We want you to understand our commitment to personal privacy. For this reason we have prepared this privacy statement. Should you have any questions regarding how CULS gathers and protects information, please contact us.

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